Jul 18 2009

A Simple Technique To Get 30-50 Visitors Per Day For Free From Blog Comments!

One fast and easy way to get free traffic is through blog commenting. Spending a few minutes a day commenting on high-traffic blogs can drive dozens of visitors to your site every day. Commenting on blogs can be fun, and it’s a great way to drive traffic for your business!

When talking about commenting on blogs, I don’t condone spamming them with one-liners or promotional messages. I am talking about posting quality content and information that will benefit others. This is the correct way to get targeted traffic to your blog.

The most important thing to remember is that people are reading your posts. These days, many blogs also have comment moderation enabled. Which means your comment won’t be approved until the owner approves it. So if your comment is spammy, it won’t appear! You’d definitely want to post good content to make the most of your efforts.

Now, the first step to the blog traffic generation method is to find blogs that receive good traffic in your niche:

1. Search Engines

Ideally you’ll want to comment on blogs that receive a lot of traffic as well as have good search engine rankings. I recommend doing a search like this “your niche + blog” on Google and scout those blogs in the top 20 listings. If they appear suited to your niche market, start making a note of them.

For instance, here are some of the results I turned up when I typed in “weight loss + blog” on Google:

GoogleSearch If you’re in the weight loss niche, some of these blogs may be good places to post comments.

2. Blog Finder Tools

Another great way to find blogs to post on is to use blog finder tools. These tools typically search using keyword values to find related blogs.

Here are a few of these tools:




Let’s say I want to promote my golf product in a subtle way. A search on Technorati for ‘golf’ brought up these results:


While not all of them are entirely relevant, there’s certainly a few blogs there that I can comment on to receive targeted traffic to my golf product.

Another great idea is to contact these blogs to do joint venture affiliate deals or place banner ads on their site.

How To Start Getting Traffic From Blog Commenting!

First, you’ll need to download an RSS reader. These will allow you to add RSS feeds from the blogs on your shortlist so you can receive updates from them.

The RSS feeder I use is BlogLines at http://www.bloglines.com. It’s free to download. Another one is Google Reader at http://www.google.com/reader

Now you’ll want to add the RSS feeds from the list of blogs you have compiled. Visit all the blogs and add their RSS feed to your blog reader. You’ll be notified by your RSS reader whenever a new post is uploaded to those blogs.

The reason you’ll want to do this is so that you’ll get first notice of when a new blog post is made, so you can quickly post a comment there. This ensures you’ll be one of the first few to post comments, and those are the ones that usually grab the most eyeballs and get the most traffic.

Now the important thing that I touched on earlier is that you must offer value to your blog comments! You can’t just post ‘Great blog, nice design’ and expect to receive a ton of traffic. So be sure to add something valuable to your comment. Position yourself as an authority in your market by engaging in the conversation of the blog post.

If you’re not sure about how to use an RSS reader to syndicate blog posts, let me walk you through how to do it:

1. Register your name and enter a password of your choice at the Bloglines home page –


2. You’ll then receive an email verification message to confirm your account. Click on the link in that email verification message.

3. Download their Notifier by going to the link as shown below.


Choose the download version that is relevant to your PC (whether it’s Window, Mac etc)

4. Now, start finding blogs and adding their RSS feeds to your reader. Usually, blogs that have an RSS feed will have an Orange icon on their home page. The icon will typically look something like this:


Click on it and you’ll end up on page that looks like this once your reader is installed:


Leave the options as is, hit the ‘Subscribe’ button and you’re ready to go!

Have you used this method before? Do you have you have your own strategy for getting traffic from blogs? I’d like to know what are your thoughts. Feel free to add your comments and thoughts below…

– Fabian


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    […] Technology | Website Linking Techniques There’s an excellent post over at FabianTan.com on how to get visitors for free from blog comment posting in the right way (i.e. not spamming!) A useful tip given there is to use an rss reader to keep […]

  1. Nelson Tan said:

    Hi Fabian, this is something worth twittering. * Thumbs up *

  2. Donna D said:

    Hi Fabian: Thank you for the info in this post…yes, I will actually be able to set up an RSS feed on my websites and blogs now! Yay!

    I am also enjoying your information to help me “Murder My Job”….

    Will look forward to additional posts.

    Donna D

  3. Justin Humphries said:

    Great post. This is a simple way to generate targeted traffic, thanks.

  4. rusliesophian said:

    Hi Fabian,

    Thanks for the good info.

  5. KnowHow Vault Boss said:


    Not to spam other people blogs is the best way to build traffic through commenting. Not only will you get the traffic, but it will also help building your image/brand as an expert in the chosen niche, if the comments are useful and meaningful.

    LOL… enough spam, eh?

    Now, to add some value here instead of only hail you… let me tell you the secret trick: do not use only RSS feeds to stay tuned to a few blogs. Also use Google Alerts, to look for the certain keywords you’re targeting. This way, you will get access to places that were not revealed at first on your research.

    Tip: use also Twitter for search; these days Twitter becomes more and more useful as a keyword rsearch tool.

  6. Nigel said:

    Hi Fabian,

    I got a email today about this post. Ialways open your emails because you deliver nothing but quality information. I love this post. Blog commenting a good way for newbies to get traffic to my blog.

    Love ya work



  7. Aznul said:

    The steps and tips that you provide are really good and valuable. I believe that we need to experience it by going through this diligently. Generating traffic is the life line of Internet Marketing.

  8. Thomas Grimes said:

    Hi Fabian,

    Very good information very useful.

  9. Anne said:

    This was great and helpful. I have been reading site and it has helped me out a lot!

  10. Peggy said:

    Great information. I agree with Nelson, this is worth twittering and I am going to ask my followers to check this out. You always over deliver and I want to say “thanks.”



  11. Tim Adami said:

    Fabian, thank you for the tip. I have commented on a few blogs but have yet to see any traffic return. I like the idea though as conversation must be a two-way interaction and when I find a blog that assists my efforts or educates me, I like to let the writer know. I plan to increase this effort and will trust that some visit mine as well to be inspired.

  12. Dori said:

    This is a lot of good information, things I’d never known before.

  13. Gary David said:

    Great post fabian! this is actually one of my fave traffic generation. just imagine if you post your comment to at least 20-30 blogs a day,it’ll only take a few minutes to do that, and you will be getting a steady flow of traffic every single day.


  14. Louis said:

    The blogosphere is not supposed to a lonely place, we need to consistently engaging people and be relevant.

    It is a habit of connecting with fellow bloggers and start growing our network.

    I discover that interviewing top blogs owners is another way to get more visitors and build preeminence.

    What do you think?

  15. Chris said:

    Hi Fabian,

    I have done some blog commenting but the RSS idea as a way to be automatically notified of new blog posts on the blogs I want to keep posting is excellent so thank you for sharing that tip with us.


  16. Roger101 said:

    You can definitely get traffic this way.

    It’s unfortunate that spammers have also discovered “commenting”

    There are millions of blogs so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find blogs where you can make semi intelligent comments.

    — Roger

  17. LogoVale said:

    Hi Fabian,
    Thanks for your tip.

    How much time do you spend daily in order to get the kind of result (f.ree traffic) that you’re expecting? 30 mins? 1 hr? Or 2-3 hrs?

    Would blog commenting give more traffic than article writing? Please advise. Thanks.

    – LogoVale.com

  18. Psychsoftpc said:

    your point about people actually visiting the sites themselves and commenting by hand os important. there are comment spam bots around and they can be really annoying. I actually get spam comments to my web site and I don’t even have a blog!!! they are actually filling in request forms!!!

  19. Gerard Michel Vollet said:


    I am discovering your blog which contains useful marketing information. I am very fond of Asian Marketers as I am myself in Asia.
    I didn’t know Bloglines, thanks for the info. Michel

  20. Phil Hughes said:

    Nice one.

    Glad you took the time to explain the difference between really contributing and ‘spamming’ blogs. We live in a time when way too many people are trying to shortcut the shortcut.

    …If you want to receive, you gotta GIVE!

    Thanks again!


  21. joabng said:


    great idea to generate traffic. But i shall say the comments will play an important role to be able to attract people to your site.


  22. Filme Downloaden said:

    Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  23. Fabian Tan said:

    I’m glad many of you found this useful! Getting traffic from other blogs is indeed simple and above all, it’s a free traffic generation strategy 🙂

    Logovale, I’d suggest 30 mins-1 hour a day as enough to get decent traffic.

    Article writing and marketing is still one of the top ways to get free traffic, and using blog commenting is a GREAT way to supplement it.

    – Fabian

  24. Increase Website Traffic Site said:

    Excellent post! 2 points:

    1) Links from blog comments will be more use if a keyword phrase is used as anchor text, as in this comment. But does that make it look spammy?

    2) The little verifier adding up question you need to answer here in order to post a comment is NOT visible in Internet Explorer 7, only in FireFox.

    Lawre Dyer

  25. Leo S. said:

    I’m afraid Roger101 has a strong point where he said:

    It’s unfortunate that spammers have also discovered “commenting”

    So let’s be alert where it comes to the latest developments!

  26. Gerry said:

    Thanks for the information. I am new to blogging and your tip was very useful to me. I truly have learned something new today. Thanks again.

  27. Dr. Dave Hale said:


    This is greta info. Actually, it is the step-by-step process my team and I use everyday to post to 20+ top blogs. Not only will this bring traffic to my sites, but will also give me higher page ranking via backlinks, trackbacks, and whatever else may come our way. This is my prefered method on the IM Classroom.

    Dr. Dave Hale
    Internet Marketing Professor

  28. Dr. Dave Hale said:


    This is greta info. Actually, it is the step-by-step process my team and I use everyday to post to 20+ top blogs. Not only will this bring traffic to my sites, but will also give me higher page ranking via backlinks, trackbacks, and whatever else may come our way. This is my prefered method on the IM Classroom.

    Dr. Dave Hale
    Internet Marketing Professor

  29. Irina said:

    Thank you for article, Fabian. I think I have to employ this practice to leave a comment. I actually did it before, but I always left my blog URL in comments. It was a mistake, because of this my messages were qualified as spam and I’ve never got any reply.
    In fact, blogging is about communication.
    Thanks again for involving me in this interesting conversation.

  30. Sandra said:


    Very useful, simple how-to information, excellent for newbies!
    Keep up the great work, helping others!

    Thank you,

  31. Gerard Michel Vollet said:

    Is it better to leave a comment with our Business name or first name?
    Some blogs have comments posted by Michel, Robert, Chris, etc… while others show Affiliate Marketer Articles, Make Money Online or Marketing Tips!!
    What do you think is more acceptable? …as long as there is no spam link in the body of the comment and the post is related to the article!

  32. ANITA said:


    Thanks for that great free traffic tip! I’m new to the internet marketing ways and this is a big plus for me. I need all the free traffic i can get.

    Thanks again,


  33. Dhane Diesil said:

    You hit a homerun with this one Fabian!

    I’ve been using these technique for a few months and it has been bringing me tons of traffic to my Website.

    Most of those comments are simple one liners, and it amazes me to this day how I continue to get traffic from those comments.

    If you’re planning on using this technique to drive traffic to your Website, its important that your comments are helpful and provide some sort of feedback for both blog publisher and everyone else that visits the post.

    Talk about your experience with the topic your commenting on, and if you have useful tools, tutorials, or resources to add the conversation, add those links.

    Just don’t spam.

    No one likes that.

    To your success,
    Dhane Crowley

  34. Jay @ work at home said:

    I used blogfinder a long time ago. The software still works like a gem shines. Search engines can do you good. Still love to find high class blogs on search too.

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    I’m subscribing to your posts now.

    More power!

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